Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Working from Home

Discipline, discipline discipline!!!
I can't stress it more than that. In order to achieve any kind of success from working at home, I have had to realise that I HAVE TO create time for myself, to actually work the business. Family and friends have not yet realized thay I am BUSY and actually working to support my family. The thought me being at home makes them think that I am free all day.
Part of the reason is that most of us work in a traditional environment...away from home. It's a matter of educating the people around you so they understand what you do. Working form home is turning out to be pretty good, as I am learning more now than ever before. The difference is that I set my own hours and have finaaly got the will power to sit and devote my time to my business. I like to read and found many tips online about how to get organized at home.
Once my boys have left for school I sit and start to advertise my products and write plans on what to implement next etc. the housework can be doen around the kids routine once they are home. I consider myself a bit of a TV addict, but since starting with Seriesse, I actually don't mind working while I watch my programs.
I urge anyone who wants to earn more money or simply want to work because they are "Domestic Engineers" to look into Seriesse. I'll get into the business in my next post.
Both of my boys watch me while I work and realize that it's not that hard to sit and concentrate on what you are doing. Homework time is easier now because they sit and get it done. My older son still has a few issues and tries to drag it out to no avial. I set time limits for him so he can learn time management. Like I said earlier...Discipline, discipline, discipline!

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