Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Soccer Season.

My daily routine just got busier again with the start of soccer. Niks and Rits are both into soccer or football as we call it. It's only a natural thing, seeing that we are from UK. I am told by their coaches that they are skilled players which I find quite amusing.

Niks is a bookworm....he loves to read and is a bit of an intellect. When he was younger he was a very sore looser. Whether it was tic tac toe (naught & crosses) or Monopoly....he would have tantrums if he lost and ruin every one's mood. He still has many issues we deal with but learning to loose gracefully is coming form sports.
I enrolled him when he was 6-7 years old so he could learn how to loose!! I know it sounds rough....but, mission accomplished. Where he used to gripe and moan about loosing a game for what would seem like forever, he simply says he played well but the other team was better. It took a couple of seasons for him to simply enjoy the game no matter what the outcome. Having said that, he is still very competitive and will do his best to win. It's taken a long time, but he is finally understanding the concept of playing as a team....you can't win on your own merit.

Rits on the other hand isn't so much a bookworm...probably the opposite, but intelligent none the less. He is more of a social bunny and loves the game. It means he can spend time with his buddies. He thinks he is the best player on the team and shows off a lot. My aim is to teach him to play as a team and include everyone no matter how good they are. He sees how other kids are as talented as him, if not more so, and enjoys their company. If he looses a game, it motivates him to play better the following week.

My wish is hoping they have similar practice schedules so It's easier for me to ferry them around. Niks is going three times this week and Rits is still waiting to hear which team he is on. This gives me one more week of rest as I know next week is going to get hectic. Once we're at the fields, I get a chance to walk...good practice time to train for my half marathon!

My friends and I managed to walk 7-8 miles on Sunday....and my legs were sore that evening, but not the next day. I was expecting to be in a lot of pain, but I guess the gradual training is paying off. Laziness crept in this morning so I missed my walk...I'll catch up in the evening. Promise!


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