Sunday, February 15, 2009

Manners and Dediction.

Another busy weekend has flown by with yet another party to attend. This time is was bowling and I raise my hand to anyone who can strike those pins. I reverted to helping the little kids and eating pizza! Even both boys play better than I do.
How did they behave? Not bad today...we sat both of them down before leaving and asked them to do a few things. Both boys have a tendency of interrupting. They feel like they should take part in every conversation we have, with whomever! I don't get it....I daren't cut into my parents conversations when I was little. Why do they lack basic manners? Where are we going wrong?
I hear this from many of my friends and feel it's society today. I'm not sure of the answer but I will not give up in finding the cure. I asked both boys to do a simple pause for a few seconds before they do anything and ask themselves a question. "Am I going to make my parents proud of me of will they be disappointed with me?". They are both very smart intelligent boys so are very aware of the answer....they simply need reminders.
A simple example would be when the pizzas were served. On a normal day, my eldest would act as if he never gets fed at home and scavenge his way through the food. Today...he ate like a mature kid and asked before he could have seconds! Now that's what I call progress. My younger son...well he's trying very hard too. He didn't stare at the birthday cake like he'd never seen cake before. I'm hoping that if I keep reminding them about the question, they'll eventually understand how to behave and become well mannered little boys.
They both played up in the morning so were told that they would have early bed times. I'm sure this motivated them to ask themselves my simple question. Tomorrow will be another day, and, hopefully a good one.

My friends and I decided to train together for the half marathon we have signed up for, so I left the party early...left my husband with the kids! Yeah...he manged just fine.
How did the walk go?
For the first time since we signed up, we walked 7+ miles and I can feel it. My legs hurt and so do my feet.I feel a shopping trip coming up!! Even though my muscles are in pain, I have to get out there tomorrow and not give in. I know I can do it....I'm not going to let my girls down.


  1. Hey Masi
    I LOVE your blogs! They are brilliant.
    Look forward to all the chapters in your life.
    Can I get a mention? Ha ha just kidding.
    You know you are inspiring me to want to blog myself.. however my insight into life is not as good as yours! Keep them coming
    Love always, your fave niece Dilu xxx

  2. Thanks Dilu,
    Just learning how to get into it...good way for you to keep up with us!!
    Good fun and keeps my mind fresh.