Friday, February 6, 2009


A new day, a new task to set. It was a good morning today because the kids were golden and went to school without any tantrums or complaints. In fact, they get bonus points for reminding me to cut their nails!!
Why Motivation?
My friends manged to convince me do the Half Marathon in march so I signed up. I'm not sure if I did the right thing because I haven't hit the treadmill for a very long time. the most running I do is behind the kids and clearing up or at the mall every once in a while.
I have to get motivated...what do I do? I have half an hour to spare while my son gets ready so I get on my flying machine (gazelle) and start. Not bad actually, as I feel better for it. My legs are a bit sore, so shows how unfit I am.
I'm hoping to shed a few pounds in my quest to get fit and be able to walk/jog the half marathon. If I mange this then I'll call it my bonus check!
Once the morning routine is done, it's crunch time. I've decided to start work from home so I can be here when the kids come. Daycare fees are too high for me, so I've taken a leap of faith and pray that I can be successfull.
I feel like I'm back at school much to learn. I wish I had more experience with computers. Each and every step I take is on a new curve so I'm learning something new everyday. Wish me luck and I'll keep posting my progress and pitfalls. Hopefully I can help someone else in my journey.

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