Thursday, February 5, 2009

At Last!

Hi and welcome to my blog.
Why "At Last", you may be wondering....well, it's taken a long time to start my blog.
As many of you mom's will know, it's not easy doing a mothers juggle when you're trying to keep up with the rest of the world.
It's late at night and the kids are fast asleep so it "me time". That means I can sit in front of the TV with laptop in hand and start to type my thoughts without being disturbed. There's only one glitch....YAWN....that's right, I'm now feeling tired after a long day. How I look forward to Sundays as it truely is my only day of rest. Saturdays are filled with sports for the kids and many other tasks.
My alarm is set for 6.30am and back to the grindstone...wake up, get ready, don't take too long in the shower, sit still while you eat, hurry up or you'll be late.....and so on. One out of the door and time for the other one. You'd think it'd be easy with a middle schooler, but you couldn't be more wrong. Now they have mouths that talk back and their minds think they can do everything on their own. Why in that case do I still have to yell to get him out of the door on time so he doesn't miss his bus? Alas, a mothers juggle seems never ending.
Peace at last, now let the work day begin. I'll get into that on my next post so keep tuned.

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