Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday the 13th!

It's Friday the 13th and many of my friends are very superstitious.....unlike myself. My 8 year old son came home to tell me that bad things happen on this day because of the date. Obvioulsy, I reply very casually telling him that it was not true and bad and good things can happen on any day. He proceeded to tell me that the swing at school broke today and a little girl was hurt (nothing serious).
I went on to tell him how the horrific plane crash in Buffalo New York happened yesterday on the 12th.
I went on to explain that we don't have any control over certain things, but not to worry about it being worse on a certain date. I do hope he doesn't become superstitious and sees life through reasoning, without worrying his little mind with the fear of bad things happening.
As for the victims of the Continental Connection Flight 3407, may their souls rest in peace and may god give their families strength and hope to continue with their lives. I know grief is a very difficult thing to go through so I pray they all have a good support structure around them, to help them get through these difficult times.
I will say a prayer for them today, along with many others.

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