Friday, February 13, 2009


Now that I have signed up for a half marathon, I have become much more exersize consious. I actually wake up and feel like I need to work out so that I can finish my 13 miles that I have commited to. I will be walking it instead of step at a time. Does this mean that once the marathon is over, I'll revert back to my usual do nothing routine? I certainly hope not.
I feel more energized now and I'm barely breaking a sweat so I know I can go much much furhter in my routine. I've found a couple of good walking partners who motivate me and keep me going. My legs feel more toned already and it's only been a week or so. Maybe I will budge those few extra pounds that have crept up over the last couple of years. Now that would be a huge bonus.
Believe it or not, I actually feel more relaxed, even though I'm doing the same amount of work and then some. I've managed to fit walking time into my daily routine withoug giving up time with the kids. It's amazing what we can achieve if we really want to. It's a shame that I had to sign up for an official marathon to realize this.
I encourage anyone to take out 30 minutes a day for a brisk walk. My 2 boys came with me last night before dinner, and we talked about all sorts of things from music to school to even politics. My twelve year old is very enquisitive about life and "grown up" topics, so it was nice to have a realxing conversation while my 8 year old rode his bike along side us.
I feel I am more productive with my business too....good all around!

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