Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

It's hard to believe that Valentines day is here agian....the last year has flown by. The morning started out really well with some nice red roses and cards from my husband and children. What do we do for the boys today? Well, we had decided to take them to watch Pink Panther 2. They loved the first one and watch it over and over without tiring of it, followed by dinner at Taco Bell! ( their choice, not mine).

My older son decided to talk back rather rudely to his dad saying some hurtful things. I let my husband deal with it while I listened on from the kitchen. I hear him say that the afternoon plans are cancelled and he has to miss out. This is followed by shouting and yelling and eventually a sort of calm.
Whilst they were in the midst of their conversation, I grabbed my camera and recorded their debate about who started and who was to blame and so forth.
After lunch, I hooked the camera to the TV and played back on high volume! son came running down and fretted to try to turn it off. I made him listen to get an idea of how bad he sounds when he gets into his "I know better than you" mode. He didn't like it very much and appologised for his behavior...

What do we do now? Do we ruin his valentines day or do we let him go and watch his movie? Is it good to give in? What will he learn if we give in?
So many questions with no real answers. We have to parent to the best of our abilities, so my husband and I talk it out and decide to let him go. We gave him some conditions though....he has to give up his new I-touch for one month and do certain chores in the house.
I hope we have mad the right decision and more so, I hope our son learns to compromise and do the right thing in the future.
p.s. Happy Valentines Day.

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