Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Home from school!

This morning I awoke to Rits complaining about a scratchy throat....he said it felt like there were pins in his throat. My immediate reaction was oh no..not strep! My memory of strep is nightmarish and something I do not wish upon anyone, especially children.
I made him my trusted Indian herbal remedy of turmeric, holy basil and honey mixture followed by salt gargles. He seemed much better and temperature free. Breakfast went down just swallowing problems, so off to school we went.
Once Niks left with my neighbors for middle school I settled down to breakfast, followed by some work on my home business.
In the midst of emailing I get a call from the school clinic telling me about Rits and his pins and needles throat. I ask if I need to pick him up, only to be told that he wants to be picked up, and I should because she doesn't see him in the clinic often! Go figure.
Once he is home, I give him some Tylenol for the pain (again, no fever)and ask him to sleep. "I can't sleep". He wants to play outside on his bike!!!!

Time for home school !!.
Now we do not have a happy bunny in the house as we ask him to read for twenty minutes followed by some pages in his work book. We make sure he is kept busy at home so he doesn't think it's easy to get out of school. This is a first for him and we want to make sure it's the last, unless of course he is truly ill.
Another dose of my mums magic home remedy and he seems to be ok.

Do we let him stay up to watch Knight Rider? Oh need to sleep early when you are not well so that you can get better quickly. Once again we manage to send him in to a frown, but none the less....a lesson learned.

Tomorrow is another day so lets hope his throat heals as he sleeps. I felt like a cruel mom today but feel we need to be every so often. I'll keep you posted about his progress...fingers crossed.

Niks has his own issues of the day, but I'll get into that another day as I don't think I have enough time today! Mostly relating to manners and respect.
Sometimes I wonder why it's so difficult to teach kids the basics, but I guess that is a mothers challenge! We keep going and trying to help them have a better future for themselves. Perhaps one day, they will come back and say thank you.
Until then, I'll keep on with my day to day juggles.

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