Monday, February 23, 2009

Negative Behavior

What a weekend....yes I did manage to stay awake to watch the Oscars. What a night for Slumdog Millionaire! Who would have thought that gangster life in the slums of India, and the chance to escape it, could make for such a thrilling film. I would definitely recommend it if you haven't had a chance to go and see it. The music speaks for itself, and if you want to hear and see more, just do a quick search on YouTube.

Today is dedicated to 24...another one of my must see TV shows. It gives hope to people that good will overcome over evil!! It's good to be able to relax after a long day. One hour outside in the freezing cold was more than enough for me.
As I have mentioned before, both my boys have started soccer season.

Niks is well into his game and learning that he needs to listen to his coach. I've tried to get him to understand that his coach is a coach for a reason. He has a lot of knowledge about the game and it's up to them to listen and take as much as they can, to help them play a better game. Hopefully they'll win a few games this season as they continue to grow.

Rits had his "meet the coach" day today and luckily we have the same coach as last year. A few of his team mates are returning players too, so as expected, Rits was on a high. He really likes his coach because the first thing he stresses is that the game is supposed to be fun. Amongst all the playfulness he still manages to teach them some valuable skills. Listening is always a difficult thing for Rits so we're hoping this year is a little better.

You see, Rits is going through a "bad" phase at the moment. It almost feels like I don't know my own son! He has this strange attitude problem like he is better than his friends and the best at everything. I love is self confidence, but a little too over confidant for my liking. He upsets his friends by teasing them and saying demeaning things. This is very out of character for him so we need to put a stop to this and get to the root of the problem.

Part of the root is his brother Niks! You may wonder why I say this...well, he is always mean to his younger brother. Even though we are constantly telling him to be nice to him, he continues to taunt him whenever he gets the chance.

To try to tackle this problem, we have decided to separate the two boys as much as we possibly can.... Almost like a grounding from each other. Hopefully if they are separated for long enough, Rits won't hear negative comments made towards him and stop doing the same to his friends. We will wait and see, and as always, I'll keep you posted.

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