Sunday, March 1, 2009

Kids Updates, and... It's Snowing!

I know it's been a few days since my last update and I apologise to the few who are awaiting the news of my sibling separation! You're probably wondering how it's going?
For Sunny and me....not quite the walk in the park I was hoping for.
For the kids....harder then they thought it would be!!

Yes, they actually talk to each other more then they realize. It's not until we remind them that they are not supposed to be talking to each other that they stop and move on. If one, is in the kids room, the other has to be either in the family room or upstairs. They interact a little too often for my liking, because I have to constantly be on my toes....reminding them...separating them.
I actually think they miss one another....a little anyway! I can't expect miracle now, can I?! I'll give it one more week and assess the situation again to see if they can be nicer to each other.
Why they can't get on is still baffling to me but as they say...we can't all be the same.

Rits is learning to be nice to his friends and seems to understand where he is going wrong. No more negative updates from his teacher so fingers crossed that he has learnt a valuable lesson in life. I still need to fix his ears though! Listening to us, the first time he is called, is still very difficult for him. When asked why he doesn't listen, he simply says "I don't know". Today I asked him to clarify what I don't know means and gave him some suggestions of what not to say when I ask him again.
"I didn't want to come"
"I heard you but couldn't be bothered to answer you"
"I didn't want to answer"
"I wanted to finish what I was doing before I came"
He has been told that I only need a "yes mom" to know he heard me, followed by "I'm coming" or "can I quickly finish....".
I'll work with that....if his answers are from my first list of suggestions then he gets time knocked off from his bedtime. My home isn't a mansion that he can use the usual excuse of not being able to hear me!

That's enough of my updates....I've had a good weekend. Busy with Niks on Saturday and home's snowing outside so not the best weather to go out in.
But...go out the kids did! They were so excited to see it snow...nothing grand like a foot...barely a little here and there. More than enough for any kid. They spent a grand total of 20 minutes outside and came to the door completely soaked! Slush is not a good mix to play in but try to tell them that. I guess it's better than nothing. They're both dry and warm now, trying to pass there Sunday afternoon without any Wii or DS. Niks can play but not too good without company.
I've allowed Rits to have some TV time and educational sites on the computer. He seems to be content with that so the Wii may be kept away for longer. I do miss playing Guitar Hero with him though!!

Niks has been busy with school commitments. He joined the Academic Bowl Team after Christmas, after his teacher asked him to be on the team. He thought about trying out for it at the beginning of the year, but his soccer season was well on the way and it would have meant missing some games and practice times. He faced the same issues this time but didn't mind so much. He participated in his firs tournament yesterday, so we were out from early in the morning to late afternoon.

He was on placed on team 3....managed to get to the final 32 and lost in the play offs. His school is represented well with team 2 getting to the quarter finals and team 1.....well what can I say....they won!! It was fun watching these kids perform and answer questions which blew me away. I had no idea how much knowledge these young kids have. Niks is new...he'll have to do a lot of catch up work to get to their level. I can tell you this..I could only answer 3 questions from the whole tournament! Says a lot about my general IQ.

Looks like school might be closed tomorrow so we'll have to think of some things to do, to make there day productive. I'll probably set them some tasks to do while I do some work. I've learn a few more skills as far as my business is concerned and my team is doing very well. Be sure to read my business blog to learn more.

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