Thursday, March 12, 2009

Busy Busy Busy........

This week seems to have flown by with so much happening....between Niks and Rits and Sunny, they sure know how tho keep me busy. Niks has been going to school early, as he is representing his school in an Academic Bowl Tournament this Saturday. He knows school has to take precedence over sports and seems to be ok with it. Although he'll be out for pretty much the whole day, I still have to do my rounds on the soccer field with Rits. At least I can watch his game in peace without running from one field to another like last week. I hope the weather doesn't spoil it for him because he is excited about playing his game.

Practice is more organized and the team is really coming together...a few new player are adding a new pool of talent...go Grizzlies!! I'll keep you posted with the outcome this weekend.

Niks is in Team C again and hopefully will be better this week. I'll be missing most of his day and thankfully one of my neighbors is taking him in the morning. This is one the best parts of living in a small and homely can count on them to help you out. Normally Sunny and I would split the task, but he left for UK today. Not a pleasure trip....his mom is ill and needs a heart valve transplant. He wanted to spend a couple of weeks with her and the family, so is flying over the Atlantic as I write this post. Two weeks really isn't enough time, but better than not going at all.

His mum is a strong willed woman so I know she'll be OK, and running around before we know it. I hope I have her and my moms strength when I get to their ripe age. I see so much strength in their generation and often wonder where they get it form...I guess it's from the hardship they faced growing up in poverty in India. We, as a family have come a long way....from India to Africa to UK and for me, here to USA. I should write a book as I'm sure I could fill a few pages!

This is the first time I have been home alone with my boys, without Sunny, so it'll be interesting. I've been away from home, visiting my parents with the kids before, but that is different. The house seems quieter...probably because there is only so much conversation I can have with the kids. I was quite surprised today when Niks told me he misses his dad...I did not expect him to say that. You see, Sunny and Niks always seem to be at each other for one reason or another. It can be something simple like sitting properly, to forgetting to make your bed...I think daddy's going to be surprised to hear that Niks is missing him.

In general, Niks is my baby...a mommy's boy and Rits has always been a daddy's boy! Little Rits is really missing his dad, and it'll hit him more in the morning because he always slips into my bed every morning, for a few minuets while I'm getting his clothes ready. I've told both boys to email their dad regularly so he can catch up with what they are doing.">
I've also been very busy with my business over the last few days....Seriesse started a new program last week called Shop Seriesse and to my surprise, I was the first person on the company to register her first 10 people. It was lovely to be acknowledged by everyone and to receive phone calls form top execs to congratulate me. It really made me feel good about myself and I have my friends and family to thank, for participating in the program. They are really supporting me in my new venture and rooting for me to succeed. It's a lot of hard work, but you can't get ahead without putting in some real hours.

It's time for Greys Anatomy so another day is over...

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