Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Update for the week!

It's been a while since I last updated my blog so get ready for my update....

It's been a busy week with the kids and home life on my own. Sunny is back on Friday and you'll be pleased to know that his mum is doing well. She had heart valve transplant surgery last week and is almost ready to head home. It has been a long two months for her, so I'm sure she is eager to sleep in her own bed.
I'm fortunate that neither the kids, Sunny nor I have had to stay in hospital, only the minor things likes scrapes and bruises and for me, my two pregnancies. Even then, I was home the very next day after having both kids.

That was a very long time ago...I know 12 and 8 years is not that long but as far as my journey with them is concerned, it feels like a lifetime sometimes. We were rained out for the first part of the week which meant make up soccer practice. Thursday and Friday evening were spent on the soccer field where I walked as the kids played. I'm fortunate to have quite a few walking partners to give me company. It's starting to feel like a real community park now because, we enrolled the kids for soccer when they first started and have grown with the rec department. Many of the parents know both Niks and Rits, and watch over them as I walk the trails. It's good to know that there is a good support structure for us.

Niks and Rits had really good report cards so I decided to take them out to dinner on Friday night, after soccer. It was Niks turn to choose, so we ended up at Carabas...Italiano!! He enjoyed every mouthful of his meal while Rits and I quitly finished our Chicken Alfredo. This is not a favorite for us so we've decided to spice things up next time when it's Rits turn.

We were up bright and early on Saturday as Rits had a 9.00am game. Unfortunately we were unable to keep our status as the unbeatable team, conceding to a 4-3 loss. As soon as his game was over, we ran across to the larger field and set up camp for Niks' game. Now that was a great game...yes, we won 4-1!! The kids were overjoyed.
I left the field as soon as my niece came to help me out with my busy schedule. She waited at the park as Niks had to referee a game at 12.30 and was to go to his friends birthday party/sleepover later in the evening.

I, in the meantime, was off to a baby shower.....ladies only...no kids!! Bliss!
We had a wonderful time as we were entertained with some very amusing games, as we caught up with many of our friends, and family. I came home to a lovely, quiet house...you see, it's always quiet when there's only one child in the house. There is no one for them to squabble, or fight with. I should send them away more often.
I spent the evening with my sister-in-law, and watch that long talked about teen movie, Twilight. To my surprise, I enjoyed watching it and felt is was suitable for the kids so decided to let them watch it one day.

Sunday was another day of running around. I picked up Niks from his friends house to learn that he only had about 10 minutes sleep....not good!! He was in complete denial that he was tired, and I was contemplating taking him to his soccer game. I didn't want to let the team down so asked him to get ready after lunch. I guess he had a sleep attack and fell asleep in his room. I woke him up, and to my amusement, he came down with his soccer shirt, inside out! It was the funniest thing to watch him acting almost drunk with sleep deprivation. He didn't even realize it was inside out and refused to listen to me as I tried to tell him between my giggles. The fact that I couldn't stop laughing didn't help matters as he only got more annoyed at me. We had to travel a good 45 minutes to his match so he fell asleep again....he awoke when we reached the field. The fresh air must have helped freshen him up as the match went on.

The first part was a lot of yelling and shouting from the coach, trying to get the kids to play in position with a more relaxed second half, as we were winning. Final score 4-1....great game again. On our way home, Niks decided to take the foetal position, and sleep all the way home. Both boys were given early bedtimes, to make sure they can function in school in the morning. Fortunately, soccer practice has been cancelled for Monday, so I decided to use the time and let them watch Twilight.
All in all a busy week.

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