Friday, March 6, 2009


I've got that Friday feeling after a long day scrambling around getting organized for tomorrow. Soccer season officially starts tomorrow and just as can be expected, both boys have games at the same time!! to be on the field for 8.30am sharp.

Although the day time temperature is going to be nice and spring like....the mornings are freezing. My trusted mommy van is usually covered in frost so that should give you some idea. At least both games are in the same park so I'll be able to run from one to the other, to try and watch bits of both games. It gets hard when Niks has to play at another park.

I have been volunteered to be team manager...that's the new fancy word for team mom! I get a real title...whoopee!. I guess I must have done a good job last season so the coach asked me to do it again. Either that or no one else volunteered. It's all good, I really enjoy it because I get to interact with all the other parents,because I have done it before I won't have to devote too much time to it. I'm blessed that I can give my time to the kids now that I am working from home. That is one of the biggest down falls of working away form home. I used to miss school activities and many other little things involving both boys.

Being team mom, I also went ahead and volunteered myself to do snack duty for both teams. Better to get it over and done with at the beginning and hence my scramble today. I had to run out to trusted Walmart to get the Gatorade and snacks, followed by a quick trip to the farmers market for my weekly dose of fruit. Niks and Rits are both big fruit eaters...they have a variety everyday after school and sometimes again in the evening. They've even learnt how to make a mean milkshake with bananas, strawberries, mangoes and avocado!!

For those of you cringing at "avocado milkshake"....give it try, it is delicious and we all love it. It might be an Africa thing because anyone of my family members who are from Africa, all love it. Besides, it's really good for you too. Anyway, it's Friday and I have things to do, places to go.......
Catch up soon.

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