Monday, March 16, 2009

Miserable Rainy Monday

It's Monday and what a miserable day. It's been raining all weekend long and soccer has been cancelled so we have to look forward to make up games. Both boys become restless and agitated because they can not go outside to play and release all their pent up energy. Having said that, they have been behaving much better than expected and I won't say it too loud in case my words backfire on me.

Niks was at his school academic bowl tournament all day Saturday and later in the evening I was babysitting a friends two boys. It's always good to have other kids in the house because my own two, become preoccupied with their buddies and keep busy playing games. You rarely hear a sound from them and they always finish eating in a timely manner due to the rush to get back to their games. Why they can't behave like this when they are alone is beyond me.

We're all missing Sunny as it feels a little too quiet in the house...I'm sure two weeks will fly by, with so much to juggle with the kids schedules. At least the weather is going to clear up tomorrow , so they can play on their bikes after school.

We've been told to start preparing them for their CRCT's which will take place after Spring Break. Niks tends to be a natural and should breeze through it. As for Rits...he has to prepare. He has practice tests to do, and he manages to get them done quickly as he does know the work. He tends to rush through it and make careless mistakes. I'm always on his case to slow down and read through things. He's not much of a reader and has to be encouraged constantly, unlike Niks who will read at any chance he gets.

I was out shopping for a baby shower gift today and saw "A Diary of a Wimpy Kid" 3. Rits has actually been mentioning this book as he has read the first two in the series. I decided to buy it for him and to my surprise, he was overjoyed when he saw the book on the table. He has already read 32 pages, so will be finished with the book pretty soon.

I also splurged on buying two foam $1 swords for him to play with. When Niks got home, the two of then played with the swords for about an hour, while I was cooking dinner.....not a peep or a squeak out of them. They were giggling and laughing as they played!! Yes - no arguing or fighting...simply playing. It was nice to see them making an effort to get on with each other for a change. I hope they keep it up as the atmosphere in the house is so much better.

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